W-Wilf Numbat - Puppet

W-Wilf Numbat  - Puppet

W-Wilf Numbat is a marsupial and only found in Western Australia.

He is also known as the banded anteater, marsupial anteater, or walpurti.

Facts about W-Wilf   

W-Wilf uses a variety of shelters at night including hollow logs, tree hollows and burrows, and these are also used to avid predators during the day.

His numbers are declining and total remaining population size is estimated at less than 1,000 individuals.

Facts about this puppet

·       Made from non-allergic, fire-resistant wool and synthetic fur fabrics, all of which exceed all Australian safety standards

·       This is a genuine made in Australia puppet

·       Recommended for children 3 years and over

·       Safety - we endeavor to provide the best eyes and noses in the world for safety - designed to be very safe and secured to the animal’s body

Scientific Name: Myrmecobius fasciatus
      Dimensions: Medium – 17 cm in height
             Material: Non-allergic, fire-resistant wool and synthetic fur fabrics
             Made in: Australia

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