This boomerang is a work of art

I received the boomerang and it is a work of art. The boomerang is made out of a dense wood but still very light and is polished and sharp! Yes, this boomerang is a hunting weapon and when you hold it in your hand you know exactly what is made for-hunting! Skill and effort was put into making this boomerang and I am glad I bought it. Mark.

United States of America

16 July 2020

Beautiful – what a work of art!

Beautiful! What a work of art! I'm looking forward to taken this baby out this weekend. I cannot wait to see it fly. I plan on getting a couple more for my family. Thank you


United Kingdom

25 June 2020


Amazing! I ordered this boomerang as a gift and it’s even cooler than I expected. We haven’t tried it yet but you can see the skill put into creating it. It’s gorgeous and I can’t wait to try throwing it!


5 June 2020


True indigenous artifact

Made by an indigenous elder not in a factory or made outside Australia. Really appreciate the time and effort gone into the creation of this product. If you are after a true indigenous artifact then I recommend this purchase.


27 April 2020


Beautiful handcrafted boomerang

Very beautiful handcrafted boomerang, an object rather intended for decoration than for play given its high price, correct delivery time given the distance travelled, I am completely satisfied. with thanks


17 April


Great Service

Excellent product and service + super quick delivery


23 October 2020


This boomerang looks like it wants to fly – been looking for one like this for years!

Hi Robert, the boomerang arrived today, it’s looks fantastic, bought a red mulga one once and it looked like it would fly like a brick out of the package as it was so heavy and I was proven right, this looks as if it wants to fly, been looking for one like this for years.
Thanks again. Tony."


March 2020

The Boomerangs were amazing!

Hi Rob, I just wanted to send a huge thank you to you.

The Boomerangs were amazing and our international guests loved them.

Thanks again, Rebecca.


October 2019

Beautiful gift arrived safely

Hello Robert. Moon vase arrived safely and it is beautiful. Thank you for your going out of your way to fulfill our order. We very much appreciate your effort. The vase is going to make an excellent wedding present for our English couple. Best wishes for the future. Nick and Jan.


April 2019

Best online shopping experience away 

Probably the best experience I have had with online shopping. Order was placed in the afternoon and the product was shipped that very instant. The owner, Robert, personally contacted me to inform me of the shipping, packaging and any potential issues. He supplied the shipping number (as the order was very urgent) so I could keep track of the item. The item was exactly as described and in perfect order.

Thank you for the professionalism and quality product. I would recommend this supplier and will be utilising this company for future purchases. 

Mathew in Canberra

November 2018

Blow away by your service

Am so blown away by your service and help!!

Thank you so much for all...... both parcels have arrived so I’m all ready for my UK return. 

Viv in NSW

October 2018

They are perfect

Just wanted you to know that I received all the items today. Thank you so much, they are perfect!

Regards Tayla in Melbourne, Australia

December 2017

That really is brilliant service

Thank you, Rob.

That is really brilliant service, shipping the clap sticks to my family in the Netherlands in the afternoon after I placed by order at lunchtime!

Regards Barbara in Brisbane, Australia

August 2016

Leaving no stone unturned.

Good evening Robert,
I also just wanted to say thank you so much for your prompt, accurate and supportive service today. What a great, efficient and customer friendly business you run and I can’t thank you enough for leaving no stone unturned. I am sure we will do business again.

Regards John, International Sales Manager, Melbourne, Australian Wine Company

June 2016

Great/personal customer service

Robert. Good news! We received the package today (Saturday). It was very well packaged and arrived safely. The vase is very nicely crafted & decorated. This is an anniversary gift between my wife and I to one another as we had taken our honeymoon in Australia. While we were there, we did see plenty of "fake" Australian shops and products. We always appreciated finding those rare authentic products and experiences which drew upon the true beauty, history, and culture of the country.

The vase will be displayed in our home. It will be a great conversation piece with all of our friends and guests - and when we talk about it, we will be sure to tell them where we got it and the great/personal customer service that you provided. Thanks again!

Adam from New York, USA

August 2015

Fantastic help and assistance

it was a real surprise to see a good range of genuine Australian made items online. I was impressed with your response and helping me select a vase to take back to New Zealand. I never expected you to send me by mobile phone a choice of vases in stock by pictures taken from your inventory. Our family loves the vase and the free Australian slang generator is a great taking point in our home. Many thanks Robert for your fantastic help and assistance. We will recommend you to all our friends and family.

Cheryl from Auckland, New Zealand

July 2015