Keelah Koala - Soft Toy

Keelah Koala  - Soft Toy

Keelah Koala is one of Australia’s most recognizable animals.

Keelah and other Koalas only like to eat on Eucalyptus gum leaves.

They love to sleep during the day particularly in the fork of a tree.

Facts about Keelah          

Keelah is a marsupial which means that her young are born immature & they develop further in the safety of her pouch.

She lives in The koala is found in coastal areas of the mainland's eastern and southern regions, inhabiting QueenslandNew South WalesVictoria, and South Australia.

Facts about this soft toy

·       Made from non-allergic, fire-resistant wool and synthetic fur fabrics, all of which exceed all Australian safety standards

·       This is a genuine made in Australia soft toy

·       Recommended for children 3 years and over

·       Safety - we endeavor to provide the best eyes and noses in the world for safety - designed to be very safe and secured to the animal’s body

Scientific Name: Phascolarctos cinereus
      Dimensions: Small is 12 cm high, medium is 20 cm high and large is 25 cm high
Material: Non-allergic, fire-resistant wool and synthetic fur fabrics
Made in: Australia

Delivery within Australia is Next Business Day by Express Post

SizeSmall is 12 cm high - Medium is 20 cm high - Large is 25 cm high
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  • Ex Tax: $26.36

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