Family pack of 3 coatarang returning boomerangs

Family pack of 3 coatarang  returning boomerangs

This family pack of 3 handmade "coatarang" returning boomerangs are our best coloured and artistic returning boomerangs.

They are fatter in the middle when compared to our regular returning boomerangs and contain more art work.

They are available in one size (18” wide) and of course we cater for left or right-handed throwers.  


Your family pack of three (3) coatarang returning boomerangs are handmade and painted by Joseph Ian Skeen Snr and family. 

Joe Skeen is a Kuku-Thaypan elder and third generation Aboriginal artefact maker. He was a little boy when his parents were removed from their traditional homelands and sent to the Palm Island Aboriginal Reserve in North Queensland. In the early 1940`s they were moved again to Cherbourg in South East Queensland. Joe Snr. would often accompany his father when he was hired out to local farmers to work, mostly at cane cutting. It was then that his father taught him how to identify black wattle roots and how to fashion those roots into boomerangs. Among the many people that bought his father’s boomerangs were American servicemen. He still continues his family traditional and makes a variety of different boomerangs including returning, hooked, killer and hunting style boomerangs. 

The tribal background about Joe Skeen is as follows:

Tribe: Birri Gubba - in the Bowen area of North Queensland
Maternal: Kuku-Thaipan - North Queensland
Made: Queensland, Australia 

Left or Right-Handed Throwers

We cater for left and right-handed throwers and it does make a real difference to your enjoyment. If you are left handed you will find it much easier to throw a left-handed designed boomerang. The left-handed boomerangs are designed to spin and circle in the opposite direction to the right-handed boomerang. All our returning handmade boomerangs come in both versions so please make sure you select your dominant hand throwing version. 

FREE Australian Slang Generator included with each boomerang

If you are looking for an iconic gift from Australia, then this returning boomerang is sure to impress. The perfect flatness for posting or slipping into your suitcase as a little piece of Aussie culture.

  • Choose from Left or Right-hand throwing options
  • The art work on the boomerangs represents traditional Aboriginal art designs
  • Each boomerang is hand painted by an Aboriginal artist who is a member of Joe Skeen's family
  • 100% made in Australia

Kiss the Boomerang guarantee that all products are genuine handcrafted by Australian Aboriginal peoples.


A beautiful way to show you care when presenting your gift - an original artist gift card from Helen Hornibrook.

We are pleased to offer a wide range of gift cards that feature art work from a number of Helen's paintings.

Helen is a well-known Queensland artist and her work can be seen on display at the Dayboro Art Gallery.

Copyright of images by artist Helen Hornibrook © 2000- 2018 Helen Hornibrook

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