Australian Made Information

All our gifts are made in Australia.

We are a proud member of the Australian Made, Australian Grown Campaign, Licensee ID number: 10148 Licence expires: 31 May 2020.

In our extensive range of Aboriginal pottery, hand painted emu eggs and boomerangs, each item is unique - no two items are painted the same! All items are hand made from all over Australia. For example, our wonderful range of Tasmanian wooden kaleidoscopes are carved and crafted by local artist Ben in a small  Tasmanian hamlet called Eaglehawk Neck, half way between Hobart and Port Arthur.

Our hunting and returning boomerangs are hand made by a 80 year old Aboriginal elder, Joe Skeen, made from local Australian timbers.

When you buy from Kiss the Kangaroo you can be assured that you are purchasing a genuine and authentic  "Made in Australia" product.